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Clinical Study Designer Help

Clinical Study Designer (CSD) is an application that helps design Clinical Studies, Study Forms, set Study Calendar and associate users to a Clinical Study to be created in ClinPortal. CSD gives a simple and user-friendly interface for creating tailor-made study forms that exactly match the study requirement.

The form building interface allows users to specify a variety of UI controls depending upon the attribute or data element to be captured. Users can set permissible values for data elements from enumerated value domain and can select enumerated controls as per the need. Ex: Radio button for data elements with less number of values, a drop down for data elements with more values, or a multi-select drop down for data elements that need to capture many values for the same property. These forms can be saved in CSD and can be used to define a Clinical Study at any further date.

Users can browse through forms created by other users and choose from all available forms and design a Clinical Study accordingly. Study Title, IRB approval ID, start and end dates and comments for the Clinical Study can be added and the Study can then be exported.

The exported study gets mailed to ClinPortal Administrator who can then review the study and upload into ClinPortal.


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