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BJC Institute of Health
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Conference Rooms

Located in the BJC Institute of Health Building 

The BJCIH conference rooms are available for departmental or school functions. 

For rooms on the 7th floor (Molecular Pharmacology Lab & CHiiPS/IML Lab) contact:
Becky Leonard (747-9328) or
Amy Johnson (74
For rooms on the 8th floor (Pathology and Immunology) contact: 
Kelly Antolik (362-9103)

For rooms on the 9th floor (HPAN/CIMED) contact: 
Paula Reynolds (286-1758) or 
Jan Konrad (747-1711)
For rooms on the 10th floor contact:
(CWIDR) Betty Stiles - (362-7059) 
(CRepHS/Ob&Gyn) Charlene Lomax (286-1775) 

For rooms on the 11th floor contact:
(Orthopaedics) Michelle Jarman (314-273-7963) or Stephanie Simpson (314-747-3772)
(Internal Medicine and Patholgy) Christina Grantham (314-454-8463)

By scheduling an area, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

The rooms are made available to other departments on campus if they are not needed for BJCIH business.  Please note, that in the event the room you have scheduled is needed for BJCIH business, you may be asked to find an alternate room.  While we will make every effort to notify you in advance of any conflicts, there is the possibility that no prior notice would be given. 


There is no charge to use these rooms.  However, if there are spills or damage to the carpet, chairs, tables or equipment, the host will be responsible for the cleaning and/or repair costs.

The host is responsible for clean up and for depositing garbage in trash containers for removal by Custodial Services staff.

Furniture and Equipment:
Tables – Can be moved or re-arranged 

Chairs – Should not be removed from room
If you notice damage to any of the furniture, carpets, blinds, or equipment, please notify the Facilities Integrated Services Center at 314-362-3100 as soon as possible.
For the lobby or plaza, contact Education & Campus Support Services at 314-747-6338 or